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Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948

Yoan Capote

Polaroid outtake while shooting for Volcom.
In Shamanic understanding, all words are spells. Everything we think or say cascades into reality. When I repeat to myself the thought that I’m not that smart, or beautiful, or deserving, I’m literally cursing myself. Those thoughts go out into the world and bring me situations and outcomes that prove the thoughts. Let’s watch our words today and become aware of how words affect our bodies and our lives.
Mia Genis (via anaturalwitch)

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I can feel myself getting lost again and I fear that the familiarity of this sad sensation is one which is never fleeting. I crave seclusion as my mind wallows and I wish for distraction. I am constantly reminded that I am no longer a child as I fall backwards in this silly life. I feel insignificant in the shadows of those my own age. Societal pressures loom and tell me that as I am, I am not good enough. I cannot sit and think about my future without feeling silenced and blind.

The man I love wants me to live with him, but I am so fearful that if I move into his home I will become comfortable and unable to take the necessary steps to secure my own life. Others whisper and tell me that I can’t love him, but again my age deceives me and rather than feeling inadequate, I feel that there is still so much time to find what love really is. I have spent too many days disassembling my guarded ways in an attempt to learn how to express myself to my most intimate counterpart. I cannot assume everything to have been a waste of time. I love him like I love my closest friends, and sometimes I think he knows me better than any of them do. Still I stay mute as I have never heard him utter the words I crave to hear the most, and it is with that I know, I am still not in love.

These paths blur together as one long road and no longer can I determine which to stray down next. Sleep is not a long enough rest from my constantly spinning mind. I am overwhelmed with only hands to hold; I need a shove in the right direction. 


your hazel eyes fucked me over